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Tree Surgery Services Stirlingshire

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Reducing the canopy of a tree (or crown reduction) has many benefits: 

  • Manage the height and size of the tree, whilst keeping it's natural shape where possible

  • Compensate and encourage re-growth in a declining tree

  • Reduce the effects of shading or light loss 

If you'd like to discuss crown reduction for your tree, simply arrange a site visit and we'll talk you through the options. 

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Crown Reduction
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Is your tree dead, dying, diseased, dangerous or simply in the wrong place?

We're experienced at felling trees, especially large trees growing in areas where they cannot be felled in one section. Instead they require to be dismantled one branch at a time, lowering with ropes or via access platform. This is a complex process that requires highly skilled decision making and good judgement!


As part of this service we can also remove the stump up to 300mm below ground level.

Check out the images below of a large cedar tree being felled and dismantled.

Tree Felling


If you need more light to penetrate through the tree and to decrease its wind resistance, crown thinning is a good option. Crown thinning is a pruning technique where tree branches are selectively thinned in order to reduce the overall density of a trees crown.

Thinning is often performed on trees that:


  • Are of high amenity value

  • Are broadleaf species 

  • Have dead wood that is unsightly or a threat to play areas or property 

We can easily advise on which option is best for your trees, just drop us a note to arrange a site visit. 

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Crown Thinning
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While a tree stump may look harmless, they can cause a number of problems that should be addressed. Tree stumps can also be an eyesore and take up valuable space on your property.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider removing tree stumps:

  • Tree stumps take up valuable space, can be unsightly and damage the visual appeal of your garden

  • Can become a trip hazard for children, pets & visitors to your garden

  • The tree stump may regenerate and continue to grow, even after the tree has been felled

  • A decaying tree stump can become a breeding ground for fungus, insects and other pests

Lowland Trees have a team of qualified and highly experienced specialists providing stump grinding services across central Scotland. Get in touch today!

Tropical Leaves


If high winds or storms have caused a tree or its branches to damage your home/property or pose an immediate threat, it can be a really stressful time. We're here to help.


We can easily provide you with a full quotation on the safe removal of the tree or its branches - some insurance providers need this before work is carried out so it's worth checking with them.

We'll quickly work to remove the tree debris that has fallen, as well as checking any of the remaining tree branches to ensure they are safe. 

If you need a quote for storm damage, give us a call on 07982 719 713.

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Storm Damage


Our surveyor Jimmy Hughes has over forty years professional experience in the industry. We offer initial advice on the type of survey that may be required.


This may take the form of:

  • A hazard risk assessment of individual trees

  • A visual or aerial survey which highlights only trees that have evidence of risk

  • Detailed reports on individual or small groups of trees

  • General tree care advice


If you have trees on your property that need to be inspected, we can help. Simply send us your details and we can arrange a visit. 

Tree reports
Tropical Leaves


We offer a complete arboriculture package for commercial organisations. Our current clients include care homes, golf clubs, land and property managers.

Services include:

  • Completing or contributing to initial planning applications

  • Tree hazard risk assessment and surveys of individual trees

  • Site specific risk assessments and method statements (RAMS) provided prior to commencement of work

We are fully certified and approved to work with you:

  • We adhere to LOLER and PUWER testing and guidelines

  • Public Liability and Employer Liability insurance certificates are submitted with every quotation

  • NPTC certificated and experienced staff

  • Approved and on the recommended contractor list for local authorities

  • SafeContractor Approved Arborist

To find out more give us a call on 07982 719 713 or email

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